Our history

ABBIA ” GNSS Technologies “ (ABBIA), our historical company, was founded in 2006 in Toulouse, France.

ABBIA’s history is closely linked to the major European GNSS programs EGNOS and GALILEO.

The founder and manager of ABBIA is an experienced senior GNSS engineer whom was involved in the software development activities of the EGNOS AOC Central Processing Facility (CPF) in the early 2000. Thanks to this anteriority, ABBIA’s staff have been involved in all phases of EGNOS versions, learning and gaining experience on SBAS development, integration, qualification, up to certification aspects.

In recent years, the company has evolved from technical assistance to consultancy and development of GNSS software products. The company is a member of the EGNOS V3 Industrial Consortium, specifically in charge of developing all the software tools used for performances qualification activities at sub-system and system levels.

ABBIA GNSS Technologies

Founded in 2022, ABBIA Group is built on the acquired expertise in software development, communications analysis and data processing to develop new strategic business lines in the bio medical and data science domains.

ABBIA Group does not belong to any industrial group and is financially independent.

Our teams are composed of highly specialized and motivated of PhD-qualified scientists and engineers. Each team member offers expertise in mathematics, computer science, telecommunications, electronics, signal and image processing. Our experts work together to deliver complete solutions.

ABBIA Group bases its activities on two main areas which enrich and reinforce each other:

  • Solutions and Services, with the execution of engineering projects in various technological industrial domains,
  • Research and Innovation, involving the ongoing investment of our talents.

Since November 2023, ABBIA Group is member of BoostAeroSpace’s AirCyber program.